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Prostate Cancer Treatment

If you have prostate cancer you and you doctor need to decide what steps to take next. You will need to take into account how aggressive the cancer is, whether it is only in your prostate or has spread to other parts of your body, the side-effects of treatment, and what you feel comfortable doing.

Living with Prostate Cancer

If the cancer is only in your prostate, it's called a 'localised' cancer. For localised prostate cancer, your options include holding off on getting treatment while monitoring the cancer for any changes, or having treatments aimed at getting rid of the cancer straight away.

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Treating the Cancer

Treatments aimed at curing the cancer are called 'curative treatments.' They include surgery and radiation. These treatments can get rid of the cancer from a specific area of the body. For men diagnosed with early or localised prostate cancer, these treatments may get rid of the cancer completely.

If the prostate cancer has spread to other parts of the body, possible treatments include radiation therapy, androgen deprivation therapy, chemotherapy, and/or palliative care.

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