Your privacy

Your privacy

Kupe Website Privacy Information

While you are using the Kupe website, we will ask you questions regarding your age, symptoms, family history of prostate cancer, and preferences related to prostate cancer testing.

We won’t ask you for any information that could allow you to be personally identified.

We use the information collected to provide you with advice about checks for prostate cancer, and we don’t save any of this information after you leave the site. We’ll give you the option to email these results to yourself, but once you leave the site we won’t save your email address.d

The website uses cookies to collect information about general website usage, but these don’t store any data about you. We provide non-identifiable information to the Ministry of Health about the way people are using the website, such as the number of visits and the regions where people are accessing it from , so that the site can be improved over time.

If you want more information about our general privacy policy, or you want to contact us to ask more about privacy, click here.

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